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      Virtual Meetings

      Business Continuity via IoT

      IBS Electronics Group Is Hosting Virtual Meetings! Connect With Us!

      one ibs electronics solutions

      OneIBS Electronics Supply Chain Solutions

      Delivering excellence to our customers, On Time, Every Time - since 1980! Discover ONE dynamic solution to reduce your supply chain complexity. Don't stress, call OneIBS!

      AS9120B Banner

      IBS Electronics Receives AS9120B Certification, Improving Quality, Cost, and Delivery Performance!

      Get the delivery performance you deserve: IBS Electronics introduces improved Quality Management System, implementing ISO 9001:2015/AS9120B certification.

      Bill of materials


      Send us your complete Bill of Materials and take advantage of all value-added services and benefits from ONE IBS.

      IBS Global Network

      Seamless Global Network

      IBS Electronics operates a highly effective global sourcing network with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, providing a broad range of integrated sourcing solutions to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers (CMs) across a range of industries.

      customer experience

      Our Customer's Experience Is Important!

      IBS Electronics maintains a proactive role in our customers buying experience by anticipating their needs. Outstanding customer service results in an excellent customer experience On-Time, Every-Time.



      IBS Store

      IBS Store
      Shopping Cart

      Customer Service





      At IBS Electronics, we don’t only specialize in the delivery of electronic components; we also provide logistic solutions for production and manufacturing enterprises. From global sourcing, to vendor and shipment consolidation, we offer tailor-made flexibility for your operation.

      With our expertise in quality assurance, supply chain management, and technology, IBS Electronics provides a competitive advantage to customers by improving time-to-market, scalability, and efficiency.




      Customized Components

      The world of electronics is constantly evolving and the need for customized electronic components arises with unique designs. IBS Electronics aids in the design and development of custom component solutions for any project—regardless of time-to-market, price point, and performance requirements you may have. With over 30 years in the industry, we use the best platforms to suit your customization needs.


      At IBS Electronics we use leading tools, data, and processes to source the best electronic components for your project. Our clients range from small to large OEMs and CMs, with project requirements that vary in complexity. The IBS Electronics sourcing team specializes in wide array of components, applications, and can make cost-effective recommendations. Let us help you find the right tools for your application.

      Supply Chain Management (SCM)

      SCM is the active management of supply chain activities, along with the flow of goods and services. By utilizing a SCM service, your can reduce excess inventory and all of their associated costs, such as their transportation and warehousing. By choosing IBS Electronics as your project’s primary vendor, you can maximize customer value, leverage worldwide logistics, and sustain a competitive advantage.

      Vendor Consolidation

      Doing business with multiple vendors can be time consuming. With an extensive line card, we offer the benefits of vendor consolidation. Whether you are procuring electronic components, indirect materials, or chemical products, managing your budget and increasing purchasing power becomes much easier. With the IBS Electronics global network, you can also reduce freight costs on consolidated shipments.


      Capacitors,?Transformers,?ICs – Integrated Circuits,?Diodes?& Rectifiers,?Connectors,?Crystal & Oscillators,?Thermistors,?Electromechanical Relays,?Fuses,?Switches,?Transistors, and?Hardware.


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